June 3, 2009

Hello world!

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Are you engaged?   I am!
Are you a newlywed?  I will be!

Hello! My name is Laural aka “bhealthier” since I have a food blog, bhealthier.wordpress.com that is all about my cooking, recipes, nutrition coursework etc etc. that gives you an idea of how to “be” “healthier”.

Now that I am engaged, check out the proposal HERE,  I wanted to start a new site that is more about how to stay healthy as a bride to be! I have been gaining interest in shows such as Whose Wedding is it Anyway , Buff Brides, and Say Yes to the Dress !  Let’s be honest, anything wedding related catches my eyes these days! A new season of Bridezillas is starting next week and a new show started this week, Hitched or Ditched ! Yikes! Those are two I think I will stay away from seeing as how I LOVE being engaged and think wedding planning will be stressful but overall incredibley FUN! 

Aside from Buff Brides (which has not had a new episode in at least 2 years! ), there really aren’t shows regarding how to eat and fit into that wedding dress while staying SANE and UNBRIDEZILLA ! That is where I come in! I want to write about diet tips and tricks that will have to go right alongside wedding planning as I begin my journey to “I-Do”.

Here is to all of you, Be Healthy Brides!


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